Thursday, May 25, 2006

U.S. Economy Races Ahead In First Quarter

Just because you won't see anything about it in the "main stream" media, we want to let you know that the US economy roared ahead in the first quarter 2006 with 5.3% annual growth!

This was the fastest rate in 2 1/2 years, and exports strengthened, rising at an annualized 17%. Personal spending remained strong and inflation in check.

So take that, Osama.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sell Some Assets For More Teachers?

After longs talks with Senator Meeks' people to keep him out of the Governor's race, on Tuesday, Blago announced his "solution" to public school funding in Illinois: "selling or leasing" the Illinois State Lottery!

This is wacky even by Springfield standards. How about "selling or leasing" the lottery and paying some back bills or paying back some of the borrowed money? Once these guys sell off all of the assets, borrow all the money they can, run down the bond ratings, and raid ("sweep") all the special funds, what will be left for those of us that try to stay in Illinois; let alone our children and grandchildren?

Even "Big Educations" seems a little confused by this proposal and be requiring major hand holding to get onboard.

The proposal would do absolutely nothing for Illinois property tax payers. Nothing to solve any long term funding problems. Nothing for the under funded pension plans. Nothing for the unpaid bills.

This is a nothing proposal make for political expediency. It barely deserves discussion. Why don't we sell of the State schools while we're at it? I'm sure the Capitol Building would fetch a pretty good price. The Governor's Mansion isn't being used; let's put that on the block.