Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Eureka Library Asks for $391,000 for 6,250 residents

The Eureka, Illinois Public Library Property Tax Extension request for this year amounts to $ 391, 000 and change. The request is for an additional $18,000.

The library serves some 6,250 residents according to their website. The request is about, what, not quite 63 bucks for every man, woman, and child. That, of course, is just the tax request. We don't know what their budgeted expenses are per "potential customer".

Break down the cost per actual unique library "user", and now you're talking real money.

But we digress - the levy request represents a 5% increase over the prior year.

Do your own cost/benefit analysis - we don't presume to do that for you.

Illinois Central College Wants Another $885 Thousand

Our sources indicate that the requested Illinois Central College Property Tax Extension levy for this year is $ 26.773 millions. This is an increase over last year of about $ 885,000.

This would seem to represent a 3.5% increase.

Now we just need to know where that's going. The tax rate is just a tad less for this year at $4.36 per $1,000 assessed valuation if our mental math is correct.

You will notice that you haven't seen this in any of the News Media - at least we didn't.

No word yet on what the latest concrete pouring or what sending those kids and staff to China cost.

If you fall in the I.C.C. taxing district check out what you are paying versus other items on your bill such as your local fire protection, roads, etc. We find that it is out of line in terms of cost benefit, especially for those on limited or fixed income. You might want to call one of your trustees and express your opinion.

By the way, if our information is correct, tuition went up over 15% last year from $65 per semester hour to $75. This amounts to $150+ per full time student.