Friday, January 04, 2008

Iowa's "One-Two-Threes"

The Iowa "caucuses" are an interesting thing to behold, aren't they?

The Democrat "caucus" is really more interesting than the Republican Iowa "Straw" poll in that the Democrat process involves debate amongst the "caucus-goers" whereas the Republican demonstration is simply a pretend "vote".

Let's examine the Democrat 1-2-3 results:

Barrack Obama - attorney, one term U.S. Senator (running against Alan Keyes - arguably a "carpet-bagger" to Illinois in that election - similar to H. Clinton in New York [see below]), Illinois Congressman

John Edwards - attorney, one term U.S. Senator; professional U.S. presidential candidate

Hillary Clinton - attorney, one and a half term U.S. Senator - New York (not, we may add any state where she actually resided for a length of time like, Arkansas, or Illinois, or Washington D.C., nor Delaware; New York - ) the only place she could win a Senate seat in this country at that time; professional U.S. presidential candidate

The Republican 1-2-3 Iowa results:

Mike Huckabee - Southern-Baptist Minister, 11 year Governor of Arkansas

Fred Thompson - U.S. Senator - eight years; professional actor; attorney

Mitt Romney - one term Governor of Massachusetts, private Equity capital manager/business owner; CEO of 1992 U.S. Olympics;

we should also add the Republican "#4" just to add to the contrasts:

John McCain - U.S. Military; one term U.S. congressman; Senior Senator from Arizona - 1986 - present; Vietnam war POW

There are a lot of attorneys from Illinois on the Democrat side, huh? How's that Democrat Illinois House, Senate, and Executive working out for you folks? O.K? Pretty satisfied with that?

Want that Washington scene to resemble Springfield? I think your choice is clear.