Thursday, April 05, 2007

Yep. Here Comes The Eureka Park District Director

These folks have to understand that a "Greater Eureka Park District" will be fought tooth and nail by property tax payers. Certainly the programs and activities which have gone on (Football, Soccer, etc) have been wonderful; BUT, creating another property taxing district is not the answer to retiring volunteers, Eureka budget concerns, and the desire to create a jobs program over there. No one would impugn the good intentions of those involved here, we just think their solution is flawed.

Once a new district is created is there really any question that it will get bigger every year and pay out pensions, health insurance benefits, etc.? We have a sneaking suspicion that this new district's boundaries might just be drawn around a Wind Farm or Ethanol Plant. Why not? It's a plum waiting to be plucked, right?

Let's create a real solution to the "problem" of families participating in the sponsored activities facing increased fees. Let's create a non-profit foundation and keep it off the property tax bills. We believe "the folks" will flock to support such an alternative. Let's give "the folks" the pleasure of supporting the endeavors by not forcing them to contribute.

Let's stop this nonsense right now.