Saturday, September 23, 2006

"All Kids Illinois" health insurance

Well, it's been a month since our last post.
This is primarily due to our disgust and disillusionment with politics in general and "the media" in specific.
That being said we must tell you about this "Health Care for All Kids" in Illinois scam.
We just "applied" for enrollment in the program online.
Apparently "health care for all kids" only applies to those kids that have not been insured for a year.
Now we certainly aren't wealthy, but we have scrimped, saved, and sacrificed to provide health insurance for our kids. We shall now be penalized for this.
Now, if we can't prove our citizenship, we just sign something and we're put right through into the program.
If we divorced and just lived in the same residence we would be put right through.
If we were Black, Hispanic, or "Native American" (which, actually, we are - although we can't join the tribe without historical documentation which doesn't exist [gambling money with the tribes, don'cha know]) we'd be put right through into the program.
Here's our point - those who play by the old tried and true rules will receive no help. Those who play by the "new" cultural rules, which seem to reward selfishness, pettiness, and "Balkinization", will get all the "help" which they can stand.
As for us, we'll continue to pay cash for our health care; and we'll continue to treat our doctors, dentists, and nurses like we treat our auto mechanic, lawn-care guy, and HVAC folks - with respect, as friends, and trust them to take care of our needs.
We don't need no stinkin' help from Springfield, thank you very much. In addition, we won't even complain about our tax dollars going to Chicago and East St. Louis to subsidize health care for whoever qualifies. That's just the way we are.
But we don't have to like it.