Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wet and Wild in Woodford

According to the Associated Press, the National Weather Service says this week's rainfall makes 2008 the wettest on record in central Illinois.

Meteorologist James Auten works at the weather service office in Lincoln. Illinois. He says rainfall on Tuesday pushed this year's rainfall to more than 51 inches. Auten says that beats the 1927 record of 50.8 inches.

These records have been kept since 1905.

Well, we warned you . . . the Illinois model taken national

Over and over again we have tried to say, since before Obama was the annointed Democrat, "If you like Illinois politics and economics, you'll love Clinton/Obama".

Illinois (never looked at nor analyzed by the press during the election cycle) has been the "beneficiary" of an Obamaesque scenario for years now. One party holds the house, senate, and governor's mansion (although the Governor prefers to reside in Chicago rather than our capital in Springfield).

President-elect Obama was this party's wonderkind. Illinois is bancrupt. Illinois has no budget approved. Illinois bonds have been in the toilet for years now. The state is jumping on the blame Bush bandwagon but it had nothing to do with Bush. This is a Democrat executive and legislature and they can't agree amongst themselves which special interests they want to support more.

So we have gridlock.

Did anyone else across the country actually get to know what we're dealing with in Illinois regarding our annointed - Obama, Durbin, Emmanual, Daley, Blago, Rezco, the Madigans, the Jacksons, the Jones, et. al.?

Well, guess what? The questions will arise now because the Illinoization of Washington has begun.

Enjoy. Consider it our gift to the Nation. No thanks necessary.

Ohhh, by the way . . . anyone interested in buying a state lottery . . . cheap? See our E-Bay listing.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

ObamaLooey and QuickDraw McCain

"Hooold On Thar, ObamaLooey!"