Saturday, June 10, 2006

Illinois "Higher Education" Cost Gets Higher - Again

The University of Illinois plans to raise tuition by 60 percent over five years to meet budgetary needs. Students also must pay a $250-per-semester fee to cover "routine maintenance".

Every state college in Illinois has raised tuition rates and fees. Illinois Board of Higher Education spokesman Don Sevener has said, "It looks like a significant increase, but spread over four years is really a pretty modest year-by-year increase."


We must wonder if Mr. Sevener has any kids attending college.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Stop The Growing Quantity Of Taxing Districts!

Yes, we have had this discussion before, but the Herald-Review puts it so succinctly that we are forced to revisit the issue. Take a moment and read this last of a four-article series.

There are just too many taxing districts (authorities) in Illinois at large and Woodford County in specific. Illinois leads the nation.

The most recent count which we have (from the Illinois Department of Revenue) for "taxing authorities" in Woodford County is 140 unique bodies - for a County population of 37,000.

There surely must be some duplication of administrative costs in such a system. Couldn't we adopt a more efficient model without making it into an "us versus them", polarizing discussion?