Saturday, October 14, 2006

Just Vote!

Try to ignore the incredibly negative campaigning and advertising out there this election season, overcome your disgust, and get out and VOTE!

It's easier than ever this year. The State of Illinois has inaugurated what is called "early voting", which means you can vote at your designated location (usually the County Clerk's Office) beginning next Monday, October 16th through Thursday, November 2nd. After that, you must vote on election day which is Tuesday, November 7th this year (unless you obtain an absentee ballot).

Re-elect your incumbents or "throw the bums out" - we don't care as long as you excercise the right to vote. Next, become involved in your local political scene through your municipal, county, and taxing authorities' meetings as much as you can. It's a sad fact that real political power these days lies not so much in the vote as in the passage of budgets and laws.

As an aside, contrary to all of the County Administrator and media hand wringing, it is our prediction that Woodford County will indeed have a wind farm. Not to worry, we'll "grow" that power for Chicago - as long as the price is right.