Sunday, May 31, 2009

Here Come The Services Taxes

Illinois currently doesn’t apply the sales tax on services such a movie rentals, carpet cleaning, dog grooming and a number of other such services. That could change under a budget-balancing plan being considered by the Senate.

If approved the 6.25 percent state sales tax would be applied to the following, for which there’s currently no sales tax:

Warehousing and storage
Travel agent services
Carpet and upholstery cleaning services
Dating services
Dry cleaning and laundry, except coin-operated
Consumer goods rental
Health clubs, tanning parlors, reducing salons
Linen supply
Interior design services
Other business services, including copy shops
Bowling Centers
Coin operated video games and pinball machines
Membership fees in private clubs
Admission to spectator sports (excluding horsetracks)
Admission to cultural events
Billiard Parlors
Scenic and sightseeing transportation
Taxi and Limousine services
Unscheduled chartered passenger air transportation
Motion picture theaters, except drive-in theaters
Pet grooming
Landscaping services (including lawn care)
Income from intrastate transportation of persons
Household goods storage
Cold storage
Marina Service (docking, storage, cleaning,
Marine towing service (including tugboats)
Gift and package wrapping service
Laundry and dry cleaning services, coin-operated
Other services to buildings and dwellings
Water softening and conditioning
Internet Service Providers
Short term auto rental
Information Services
Amusement park admission and rides
Circuses and fairs -- admission and games
Cable and other program distribution
Rental of video tapes for home viewing

Interestingly enough there is no tax on dental services. They were the ones proposing taxes on "sugary drinks" you will recall.