Thursday, July 06, 2006

Illinois Spending

Are Illinois voters beginning to wake up to what has been taking place for the last few years? You know, unlike the federal government, the State of Illinois is not allowed, by statute, to have "deficit spending". The "budget" by definition is to be balanced. So how have our elected representatives 'solved' this dilemma? - "creative funding". We rob Peter (the pension funds, the earmarked-special project funds, the accounts payable, and we auction off assets) to pay Paul (the Unions, the Chicago special interests, the politically connected and political contributors).

The Illinois State Comptroller has calculated the State'’s Fiscal Year '05 GAAP Budget Balance at a deficit of $3.1 billion . This represents a $600 million deterioration from last year's GAAP deficit of $2.5 billion.

We suppose it could be worse. We could be living in New Jersey.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Independence Day

As we reflect upon this 230th anniversary of that summer in 1776, we realize that those men (and Mrs. Adams) were truly visionaries.

They asked, and we ask today, to be left alone. We are born rebels. We don't like others telling us what to do, and we don't "cotton to" those which wish to tax us without true representation.

We Americans maintain that we have no desires what-so-ever on others' lands or properties. When we feel we must fight with another nation, we choose to fight for what's right - not to conquer; and we alone among nations choose to fight with morality of the highest standard.

READ the Declaration and the subsequent Constitution of the United States of America. You will be proud. THEY were the greatest generation. Our WWII brothers and sisters were the second greatest generation, Mr. Brokaw not withstanding.

This country has done amazing things. This July 20th is the 37th anniversary of our landing two Americans on the moon - Neil Armstrong and "Buzz" Aldrin - Michael Collins orbited to await their return from the surface of the moon.

China intends to visit the moon "sometime around 2020".
Japan can't do it. Russia can't do it. North Korea can't do it. Only the United States could do it - 50 years before anyone else. There is no other nation on this planet which has a machine roving around on Mars; and it is purely scientific - for the benefit of all mankind.

Our Space Shuttle fleet is aging. Our "International" Space Station's future is in jeopardy.
However, no other country on this good earth could have fielded such endeavors. The Shuttle technology is from 1970's America. Has anyone else in the world matched this feat - a reusable launch-to-space-and-return vehicle? The old Soviet regime tried; and failed.

We as Americans have much of which to be proud. We have a proven legacy of huge goals accomplished. Let us have serious discussions about what we must do next; not for ourselves, but rather for the world. To quote the plaque sitting on the moon:

"We came in peace for all mankind".